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Creative writing, graphic design, logos, social media management, photography, REELS & creative guidance & direction...hit me up.

That's what I do, darling.

If you want to read about where I have worked, my background & experience, click here.

Clients & their stories

The Treat Co Client Card.png

The Treat Company

This is my longest-standing job, it helps that is it owned by my mother! Jokes aside, my mother is probably the finest mentor I could have asked for, if you know her, you know why. The Treat Company is the reason I know so much about branding, packaging, marketing, and just-all-round business stuff! I have worked as part of the team for 16 years, and still continue to manage social media, photography, email marketing, product development, and the website.

Now working that I'm from home allows me to acquire more clients and really share everything I have learned in the (almost) two decades of my employment at The Treat Company, and man have I learned a lot!

Hapi Client Card.png

Katarina Karoo Guesthouse

My second content creation journey for a beautiful old stone house in Oudtshoorn, Katarina Karoo Guesthouse.

I started with branding, which included logos, thumbnails, brand elements, email signatures & bookmark business cards.

The next part of bringing Katarina to life was getting ourselves to Oudtshoorn to shoot all our content and really get to know Katarina the house, what she feels like, what makes each room unique, what makes Katarina Karoo Guesthouse unique, and all the little avenues it takes to get to know how to translate the feeling of Katarina into words and imagery. Bringing it to life, so that when I later write the content behind each image or make my REEL, I can truly capture the experience for the reader and potential client.

Once I took all the photos and videos we head back home to manage the social media platforms, which I am still currently doing...and am enjoying thoroughly!

Hapi Flavour Kitchen. 

A brand built on stories of flavour and passion. Some research about Falafel (Hapi's flagship product) lead me to an Egyptian folklore, and the tales of the deity named Hapi, Stories of floods of the Nile and its inhabitants, the hippo & lotus flower...and Hapi the Hippo was born. 

Logos, branding, packaging design, photography, social media & website design kept me busy, but happily so!

This is probably my favourite thing when I can be part of a brand's journey from conception. Being part of the story makes s the story so much easier to tell...and sell!

Lisa Hollocks yoga teacher. Lisa supplied me with her photos and based her branding and logo on those. She requested a hand-drawn look, and with some editing to the photos she supplied, LH was born. 

Once I created the logo and branding I created a few posts to last a month. Lisa took it from there with plans to mage her own social media and posting using the content created.

Client Card LH.png
Client Card
Client Card Laslappie.png


Laslappie is a quirky-cool self-catering accommodation in Yzerfontein in the Western Cape. I did the logo and branding, took a trip up to the glorious town of Yzerfontein, and shot all the photos and videos of and for Laslappie. After creating all the content I continued to manage the social media platforms.

My extras included the creation of letterheads, signatures & review cards.

Laslappie was my first destination and accommodation client. With my fine eye for the everyday beautiful, love of exploring new places, and a knack for weaving this all together with photography and writing, I really found a love for creating content that went beyond marketing accommodation but actually telling the story of Yzerfontein and all the reasons it is a worth a visit.

Client Card

Crochet Art by Lettie

One of my very first clients, was Crochet art by Lettie. An at-home business of crochet and an additional service of turning your old crochet into art pieces.

Lettie needed help with a creative vision to bring her pieces to life for the true vivacious pieces they are. 

I started with a logo and then photos of the products that she could use on her social media platforms going forward. I also did graphic design work on a Yoco sign for her stall.


From banners, logos, photos and more Artisan/creative is a one-stop shop for all things small business, social media, and graphic design. 

I have compiled a basic package price list here, but please feel free to contact me, no two small businesses are the same and all needs and budgets vary, so if you don't find quite what you are after let's see if we can hit a sweet spot.

Chat with me here.

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