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The paths that have led me here....

I was born a creative, from the moment I could hold a pencil I would draw. Creating my fashion magazines with clothing designs and writing poetry, I thrived on art in many shapes & forms, inspiration came from anything that captivated me. 

One of my first jobs was working in a local art gallery that showcased local artists' work in the form of Papier-mache chickens, beautifully beaded jewellery, handwoven silk scarves & magnificent African art pieces. Here I thrived on merchandising the products and letting my creative flair take the reigns, draping scarves on pig sculptures & bejeweling chickens with beaded necklaces. I loved the artistic freedom my boss gave me.

Soon after, I embarked on my first adventure as a young adult, moving to London.

London shook my little 20-year-old self to its core. Wide-eyed with all the sites, scenes & sensations of the bustling city I got a job with a South African who had a very successful marketing & events company.

Here is where I grew up, the things I saw and learned were invaluable. I was a part of a small team that orchestrated some of the most amazing events in London, two that stood out were the Tutankhamun exhibition at the O2 arena and arranging the Eurostar year-end staff party that was hosted at Koko nightclub in Camden Town. Being a PA for this company taught me so much, I had to arrange artworks for coffee sleeves, working with the Egyptian president's PA for artwork approvals & dealing with Clarence House was an enormous highlight in my career, arranging bouquets for The Royal family, and all this at only 20 years old... pretty proud of little Christine.

On my return home I joined my mom's business, The Treat Company. I worked myself up in the company starting at packing in the factory, in time I taught myself what I needed to know by looking and listening, and very soon I had worked my mom out of her position. I would deal with clients, process orders, and despatch them with our local courier companies, but by far the best part of working at The Treat Co was the product development & packaging. This is where I truly understood my passion for design & the creative process. I would have my finger on the pulse of trends, Pantone's, brands & packaging...and I LOVED it! I had a knack for aesthetics and understanding composition, colour theory, and bright new ideas.


Fast-forward to 2020... Covid strikes and the world is turned on its head, including The Treat Company...but in hindsight, I am grateful in many ways for how Covid shape shifted my life to where it is now. I no longer work full time at The Treat Co and now manage everything design, digital & online. I manage the social media platforms, having grown our presence by quadrupling our following with no paid advertising...just organic growth, managing email campaigns, maintaining the website, and managing the online store. I also love to be involved in product development & packaging design where my creativity comes alive with new ideas and concepts. 

Working freelance has also opened so many creative doors for me. This year I was hired to complete a series of Guides Helping Single Mothers learn to thrive. This job included all the design aspects, topic research, and copywriting and creative writing. It was an all-encompassing job, that was very demanding but I enjoyed every step of the journey and what I learned. This year also brought designing the logos and brand identity for a new guesthouse in Oudtshoorn which will soon be a website and social media management client of mine. 

I hope this snippet of my history gives you a good idea of who I am. I love to learn, and no job is too big or too small if I see that it will benefit me in a holistic way and in a way that aligns with my core values. I believe in intentional design and living, thought-provoking concepts, and things that connect with the soul.

Thank you for reading my creative journey, it is how I got to where I am and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Christine x

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