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Office Make Over On A Budget.

So, let's first get things straight, this is not a huge overhaul of an office makeover, this is purchasing a few items and working with what you have to transform your space. This is my office that also doubles up as studio for my photography, so that space needs to be functional in a small room. Frugal, Fabulous with Function & Form...what is this even?!

I love things!!

I have tried the muted, modern, minimalist look...and as much as I love how it translates in other spaces, my soul can't help but burst out of the tidy seams of this clinical aesthetic.

You see, my problem is that I am a gatherer of beautiful things, and a purveyor of my memories and treasures. I need my space to be like a diary of every story I have ever told. A spider's web of dried flowers and candles, photos & post its. Every corner has it's own tale & envelopes you in a feeling of nostalgia. Enough about me, lets jump in?

So as you can see here is my BEFORE of the office/studio, it was just a mess! especially as I like to have all my pens and art stuff out it can get cluttered really quickly!

So first things first you need to set a colour scheme, it's best to opt for 3- 4 colours, they can be different shades. But you need to create a sense of order through a repetitive colour use, this way even if you have lots of stuff in your space, the colour scheme will "ground" the overall look and make it seem tidier. If you are struggling with that try looking around your house to see what items you would like to have in the space and the items that need to be in the space...what colour scheme seems to run through these items and work off that.

I went for black, white & greens. Now that you know what colours you are going with let's hit the next step shall we?

What I bought:

I will list all the shops I purchased from at the bottom of the article

  • 2 cans black spray paint

  • smallest can white enamel paint (this will give you a glossy finish and will be easier to clean, if you prefer a matte look, go for a matte white paint)

  • Black Paper Organizer

  • Little Black Bin

  • 2 Metal Hanging Organizers

  • 1 Black Metal Paper Organizer

It's really important to look at things differently when you are working on a budget, which means looking at your belongings (even the krap in storage/garage) in a way that shows the possibilities of what they could be and not what they are, let me explain below:

  • My office table is an old cupboard door on two bokkies (trestles) that I sprayed black.

  • We had some electrician cages (one is used for hanging our pans in the kitchen) the left over bit I have used to organize all my adhesive tape & odds.

  • I spray painted my old nasty pinboard & clipboard black. They were really old fashioned and ugly.

See below images:

So as you can see, I made simple changes and what didn't work with my colour scheme i.e the pinboard & clipboard, were spray painted, even the trestles for the desk were sprayed black. That alone made a world of a difference in creating the look I was after.

Now I am want to show you how I created my studio & creative area to be organized & easy to get to and keep tidy in such a small space.

  • I have a pvc backdrop formy photos that I have attached to the wall using crocodile clips (which are nailed to wall), this allows me to easily remove the backdrop when necessary.

  • I organize all my pens and goodies in enamel cups inside these cute metal hanging caddies. It keeps all the stuff off the table make it look instantly neat!

  • More crocodile clips keep all my memos neat- I suck at keeping a diary!

Another handy tip is going to a place like Merrypak and getting boxes to organize your goodies on your shelves.

List of places to go hunting for office supply & makeover goodies:

  • Spray paint was purchased at Builders Warehouse, Spraymate brand

  • White enamel paint from Builders Warehouse- chat to the paint guys, don't be scared to look like you don't know what you are doing, tell them whether you are after gloss or matte and what type of furniture you are painting and they will help you!

  • Metal organizer caddys are from Dealz at N1 City Cape Town

  • Plastic File organizers & paper drawer caddy are from Plastic Depot at N1 City Cape Town

Thanks for reading darling, please share your makeover with me!



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