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Hi, I'm Christine, it's wonderful to meet you!

Welcome to my everything. I hope you like it here.

A creative soul set on fire by romanticizing life's mundane. Living with intention and bringing beauty into my life wherever I can.

Graphic design, creative direction, content creation, writing & social media management have been the core of what I have been doing for small businesses for the last two years. If you want to learn more about my work and creative processes, clients, etc. head on over to 'at work' in the menu bar.

For the last few years, I have been creating content for small businesses' social media platforms, as well as managing those platforms for the businesses too.


My process? Whether I am doing logos, photography, or anything really, I like to get to know a business, its owners, the core of who they are, and the vision and ethos of the business.

When I create posts, my goal is authenticity. I like to keep my content on social media current; and, above all, real.

As a daily social media consumer myself, I find these types of posts the most engaging. Your consumers can tell when you are posting for sales. I know what you are thinking...sales are what we are here for? Yes agreed, the sales will come, I promise you!

Building a brand that has heart and sincerity at the core of what it puts out there will automatically attract clients. Why? Because people like people and their stories, not their sales pitches, when they buy your product or service it's because you have something they believe in. So yes, my process in managing your online presence is bringing it to life and letting your story shine through in all that you do!


So whether you are looking for a logo, branding, content & blog writing, or just a creative eye, drop me a mail, and let's chat.


Christine xx 
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